Communications Korea is the first PR firm founded in 1987 with deep-rooted history in the Korean PR scene. During our long-time PR service over the years, we have always strived to match the dynamically changing PR needs for our numerous clients through our strategical thinking and professionalism backed by our diverse experience. Through our adaptive and proactive mindset towards strategic PR, Communications Korea still maintains the leadership position in the Korean PR and communications field.
Communications Korea also is the pioneer of introducing 'PR Consulting' to Korea and have always been in the front of the line to spread the concept of the strategic function of PR. Beyond traditional PR functions, Communications Korea is always ready to adapt and meet the fast-moving PR environment, focusing our capabilities to Digital Marketing PR. However, even with the change in the PR environment, strategical thinking and cost-effective approach are always crucial for our clients.
Until now, Communications Korea has demonstrated leadership not only general PR services but also in various special sectors of Crisis Management, Government Affair PR, Destination Marketing and Tourism PR, Media Training, PR Education and so forth.
The reason why our clients think of Communication Korea when they require Crisis Management consulting is because we have been focusing on the importance of the Crisis Management function when no-one was interested or gave thoughts to the importance. Through this continuous efforts we were able to achieve in providing our Crisis Management consulting services to number of clients, and successfully managing the issues. Communications Korea still maintains its leadership position in the Crisis Management field and has continuously maintained innovative and strategic mindset to provide our services.
Moreover, Communications Korea was behind the tourism PR for the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Guam and more, continuing to provide our services to more various destinations. Our professionalism in Destination Marketing began when we were supporting Guam Visitors Bureau in South Pacific for 18 consecutive years, acquiring vast amount of experience in the travel and tourism industry.
In March of 2015, I was invited to give a special lecture to 300 communications experts over the globe with the theme “Effective Crisis Communications: The Korea Experience” at the World Communications Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. I strongly believe that this opportunity was where our unparalleled pursuit for Crisis Management and our global competiveness was finally recognized. Communications Korea plans to become the most Glocalized Company which is global yet deep-rooted Korean local PR firm.
Communications Korea will continue to develop even further to meet the needs of our clients and will maintain its leadership position as the first PR firm in Korea. I promise you that we will become the most faithful partner, providing you with our high quality service through our talented PR consultants filled with passion.
With Sincere Regards,
Communications Korea has sought to be the “Client’s Company”. Our success has always been together with our clients.
Our company was founded in 1987 as the first local PR firm in Korea and has successfully led the Korean PR scene. One of the most successful ‘story’ that we wrote together with our client changed a small fishing island ‘Guam’ in South Pacific into a honeymoon and family travel paradise.
Communications Korea has supported Guam Visitors Bureau for 18 years and was able to successfully make a ‘miracle’ together. Our company will spare no efforts in continuing to collaborate with various clients and create new ‘miracles’ together.

Communications Korea will always strive to meet the needs of our clients and will be proactive towards supporting the success of our clients.
With Warm Regards,
Our Journey So Far
Listed as an official PR partner for global advertising agency ‘Cheil Worldwide’
Special company logo announcement
In commemoration of 30th anniversary of Communications Korea
Enlisted as an official Korean partner for global PR network ‘Eurocom Worldwide’
CEO Kim Kyong-Hae was invited to the World Communications Forum 2015 at Davos, Switzerland
CEO Kim gave a special speech entitled ‘Effective Crisis Communication: The Korean Experience’
Conducted a ‘Crisis Management’ seminar in cooperation with National Emergency Management Agency of Korea with Communications Korea’s invitation of globally famous crisis management expert ‘Joe Allbaugh’ (Former Director of U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency during 9.11 crisis)
Developed PI(President Identity) service package for top level management of companies
Published 「Big Think PR」 - By Communications Korea (Author: Kim Kyong-Hae)
Strategic counsel and crisis management manual development for
Presidential Office Blue House’s National Security Counsel
Published 「Let's PR」 - By Maeil Business Corporation (Author: Kim Kyong-Hae)
Opening of Korea Institute of Crisis Management Strategy and establishment of course for Accredited in Crisis Management (ACM)
Reallocation of Communications Korea office to Gangnam-gu, Nonhyun-dong to company owned building
CEO Kim Kyong-Hae inaugurates as the first Chairman of
Korea Public Relations Consultancy Association (KPRCA)
Published 「Companies that Overcome Crisis, Companies that Crumble with it」
- By Hyosung Publishing Company (Author: Kim Kyong-Hae)
「Live On-The-Scene PR Story」 - By Maeil Business Corporation (Author: Kim Kyong-Hae)
CEO Kim awarded Presidential Citation by Kim Dae-Jung the 15th President of Republic of Korea for ‘Contribution for Implementation of Public PR Strategies for Government PR’
Established Korea PR Research Institute to provide
the first training program for Corporate PR Managers
First professional ‘Crisis Management’ service introduced for Korea
CEO Kim Kyong-Hae inaugurates as Chairman of
Korea Public Relations Association
Exclusive associate business-tie up with Global PR firm Hill & Knowlton
Foundation of Korea’s First PR Agency ‘Communications Korea’ (October 1st)

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