Our Priority is Your SuccessProviding Most Effective PR Strategy and Services for Your Needs
Our Priority is Your SuccessProviding Most Effective PR Strategy and Services for Your Needs
Director Ahn Chul-hyun, Presidential Office Blue House’s National Security Council (NSC) Crisis Management Center
Crisis Management is a very professional service area which is difficult to be offered by a general PR agency. The National Security Council (NSC) requested Communications Korea to develop our Crisis Management Manual, and Communications Korea provided us with specialized services in crisis management. The production of an international standard crisis management manual by Communications Korea has received very positive feedbacks internally and the services helped to raise the level of crisis management in the country.
Team Leader of PR & Communications Kim Dohee,
Pernod Ricard Korea
Crisis Management requires to send consistent and continuous message depending on the changes occurred moment by moment. It is also required to have an objective view to keep decent distance with media and have a cautious attitude. This is why it is generally difficult to receive satisfactory crisis management consulting from an external party that can gratify the internal needs. We have continued to work with CK and received their crisis management services. CK has continuously provided us with appropriate consulting and managed difficult situation with media. Above all when there was an issue, CK has continuously spared no efforts to manage and analyze the issue even during weekends or night times. CK is a perfect partner that can be trusted and a partner that can flexibly embrace the needs of clients to support the clients.
President & CEO Pilar Laguana, Guam Visitors Bureau
The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has been served by Communications Korea (CK) since 1987 in Korea as a PR and marketing representative office. Through many years of working together with CK, GVB can confidently say that CK had played a very important role in making Guam a very familiar and popular destination for Korean travelers. We are very pleased with the service; consultations and resources that CK has provided us and I strongly believe that CK will provide the same excellent service for your company as they did to us. CK came up with many cost-effective marketing strategies such as TV exposure on Guam through Korea's most popular soap opera 'Missing You'. They are dependable and have many years of experience in strategic destination marketing. If you are looking for a PR firm in Korea, we highly recommend Communications Korea as your best choice to help you attain your business objectives in Korea.
Bonif Co.Ltd Soonsoobon CEO Lee, Jinyoung
Communications Korea has been in charge of Bonif's major brand PR including Bonjuk, Bondosirak, Bon love social welfare foundation and Soonsoobon The various practical experience and accumulated success know-how of Communications Korea, which has established itself as an industry leader in the field of public relations, has been a major success element of Bon IF so far. Communications Korea has always been extremely helpful in maximizing synergy with our headquarters, producing high-quality results. I am particularly satisfied that Bon IF and Communications Korea have been a collaborative partner delivering our message to our customers and franchises.
Head of Public Relations Son Bong-Taek, Kyowon Group
In April 2007, Kyowon Group conducted a competitive bidding for Wells Water Purifier’s PR Agency for the first time in the group’s history. . Communications Korea was selected because of CK’s accurate analysis of our business and the detailed strategy and tactics to promote our brand. In the beginning there were some concerns whether appointing a PR agency would be effective and whether the agency would work as if the tasks were their own brand. However, I realized that my concerns were for nothing after working with CK for six months. I was satisfied with CK’s punctuality and perfecting even the smallest details that could not be found easily. During our work with CK, I was amused by the insightful feature articles, time sensitive press releases, media friendly photo sessions, advertorials, and careful scheduling of press conferences. Above all, CK always had an enthusiastic attitude for each projects that they managed. I was most grateful about their passion for the CK’s “perfectionism”. CK’s continuous efforts and passion for trying to create a buzz of Wells in Korea, was extremely helpful for Kyowon L&C. As a result we have expanded PR support of CK from one item (Wells water purifiers) to all of Kyowon L&C brands since 2007.
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