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  • •  SUNY Korea is the first US University opened on the Songdo Global Campus, Incheon. The same diploma from SUNY is given to the SUNY Korea students when graduating. Thus, Korean students are now able to join an American prestigious university in Korea
    •  Computer Science and Technology & Society opened their M.S. and Ph.D. courses in advance. Undergraduate courses are also going to open in 2013
    •  Successfully hold the Grand Opening Ceremony and release it to the press 
    (The number of Grand Opening Ceremony press coverage was 130, including 17 TV reports.) 
    •  Position SUNY Korea as the first and the best US university in Korea 
    (The positive identity of SUNY Korea is spreading to people)
    •  Established positive and enduring relationship with the media, Recruit many applicants in the fall semester admission 
    (Successfully arranged SUNY Korea Open House event)

    SUNY Korea (State University of New York, Korea)

  • •  Educational Testing Service (ETS) develops, administers, and scores more than 50 million tests annually, including TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, GRE® test, and The Praxis Series™ assessments, in more than 180 countries
    •  Communications Korea is now providing all kinds of possible retainer PR services, including handling the media inquiry, persistent crisis management service, and etc. Especially, CK is operating the task force of the crisis management for ETS and directly sharing crucial agendas with ETS Headquarters
    •  CK also handles the ETS Scholarship Project, a CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) program of ETS. For the great opportunity to Korean students, CK has been proceeding the “Institution Tour,” a school visiting program, to promote the ETS Scholarship Project during 4 years

    ETS(Education Testing Service)

  • - operating Korea’s largest (1300 stores nationwide) franchise porridge chain -  
    •  In Korea, students normally say that they ate porridge when they registered bad results in an examination and our target was to challenge the concept
    •   Attract the attention of parents with high school students preparing for  the SAT test with health emphasis
    •   Launch a campaign to encourage students to eat porridge in the morning of exam day saying that  porridge makes your stomach comfortable and get a good results 
    •   Launch a successful PR program that targeted senior high school  students during the SAT period
    •   Implement photo sessions, CEO interviews
    •   Covered by major news papers and tv channels
    •   Bonjuk was able to double its profit in 2009
    •   Changed negative perception of Juk in connection of high school students on exam day

    Bonjuk Porridge

  • Cheongsong is known as the most natural area in Korea. It is located in the center of Korea and includes the beautiful Mt. Juwang. CK sought to attract visitors to Cheongsong by conducting destination PR. Also, it conducted promotional marketing with agriculture items, such as apples and peppers. 
    •  Successfully implemented PR activities for Cheongsong county from 2009.
    •  Six 30-minute TV programs featuring Cheongsong have been aired on EBS TV because of
       CK’s concerted efforts to arrange TV coverage. CK also arranged a fam tour to Cheongsong
       for 40 foreign ambassadors. 
    •  Effectively promoted a “Sing a Cheongsong” brand, along with the region, that contributed to an increase in the number of visitors and sales of regional products.

    Cheong Song gun

  • •  Period - 2 years (Feb. 2009 – Mar. 2011)
    •  Positioned Ford, the U.S automaker, as a premium brand, in spite of  consumer preference toward German- and Japanese-made autos, in terms of import cars. In particular, CK contributed to Ford Taurus being selected as the best-selling model among import autos
    •  After six months of CK services, Ford ranked No. 2 in terms of numbers of media articles
    •  Ford “Taurus” ranked No. 1 in the 3000cc foreign automobile
    •  Established positive and enduring relationship with the media
    •  After the end of the CK’s PR retainer service for Ford, sales decreased about 10% over the same period in the previous year.


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