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Communications Korea has been supporting brand PR for the best French cookware manufacturer, Le Creuset, since April 2014. Le Creuset was founded in 1924 by a casting specialist Armand Desaegher and an enameling specialist Octave Aubecq. High qualified cast iron, leading-edge enameling technology, and 50% of processing by human hand are combined into Haute Couture cookware products proven by more than 30 quality testing phases, and products‘ high quality lets consumers use them for generations. Moreover, sensuous color and design- with the brand slogan, "From kitchen to the table"-are another distinct feature of its products. Based on these strengths, Le Creuset has occupied 70% of cast-iron saucepan market and even has been a world-wide brand leading the world kitchen appliance market. This year, for 9th Anniversary of founding Korea branch, Communications Korea will lead consistent growth of Le Creuset from the front, keeping communication with more domestic consumers.


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