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Welcome to Communications Korea’s homepage!

After 25 years of Excellency in PR service for clients, Communications Korea (hereafter CK), the first professional PR agency in the country, has recently launched its new CI and corporate website as part of attempts to rejuvenate existing services and to develop new business opportunities.

For foreign enterprises doing business in Korea, CK has earned a strong reputation as the specialist best qualified to help them adjust to and grow well in the market. Many of them come to us for help in developing strategic messages for convincing key target groups, such as consumers, media, government, parliamentary members, and NGOs.

Beyond traditional press releases functions, on the other hand, CK can help you develop long-term relationship with your important stakeholders. There is no better proof of this than CK’s own consistent development over the years.

Most of foreign companies in Korea would agree that the media scene in Korea is truly unique in several aspects, which necessitates a certain level of localization of PR strategies given by the head office. There have been many cases in which PR activities that you might have undertaken successfully in other markets might not be appropriate to the Korean media scene. Recent social developments, the emerging influence of young journalists at local media and the meteoric rise of on-line media pressure are exacerbating the conditions more severely than in your home market. CK consisting of top-level consultants with diverse and broad experiences can provide you with the real low down on the do’s and don’ts in dealing with the Korean consumers, media, government, and NGO, etc.

Communications Korea has demonstrated its leadership in various sectors such as crisis management, marketing PR, public affairs, Communication consulting for public and local government bodies, destination marketing, media training, and so forth. Most recently, CK has developed four specialized service packages, which allow clients to choose right services they need: CommStem® for crisis management system building, CoMPlete® for media training, CommBination® for M&A communication, and CoBlenders® for Post Merger Integration communication service. In addition, throughout the 18 years of service for Guam Visitors Bureau and major national tourist offices (NTOs) in Seoul, CK has secured another specialty in destination marketing. CK’s destination marketing teams will effectively develop elaborate strategies to induce Korean tourists to your destinations.

Clients benefit from our strategic consulting which consistently excels in three ways: It is in-depth, far-reaching and cost-effective. Thanks to capable staff members, a long heritage of professionalism, and diverse experience, our clients have been pleased with the fact that we regularly deliver above our promise.

I would like to encourage you to take a close look at the scope of services and experiences of CK as outlined in this site. CK seeks to be ‘the client’s company’ as its highest goal. I also hope that this information can be helpful to your successful business entry into, and continued success in, the Korean marketplace.

Thank you.

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