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  • Within the ever-changing family restaurant market, which is diversifying and dividing every day, CK, as if they were part of our company, helped us in many aspects and provided us with the best PR counsel. Their advanced knowledge has been a firm ground to our PR activities and externally brought reinforcement of positive brand image. I’d like to work again with Communications Korea to promote a win-win partnership.

    Eun Seo, Account Supervisor

    T.G.I. Friday's

  • To withstand challenges throughout the sports promotion lottery project, Communications Korea had developed a ‘Crisis Management Manual’ and presented crisis management simulation for us to effectively respond to a crisis situation. Collaborating with the experts of CK who have a wealth of experience in Crisis Management counsel, we were able to analyze crisis factors systematically and establish a response model for every factor. All this work was greatly helpful in carrying our business.

    Jin-ho Hong, Account Supervisor PR Team

    Sports TOTO

  • Preparing for 60th anniversary of Myongji University, CK counseled us on establishing a vision system, managing alumni relations and making annual plans for college events. Through the consultations, we could lay the foundation for winning the fierce PR war among universities.

    Kim Nam-Cheol, Account Supervisor External Relat

    Myongji University

  • For the first time, Kyowon Group decided to find a PR agency for publicizing Wells Water Purifier, and Communications Korea was our choice. We chose CK because they presented us with well-designed PR strategy and tactics based on accurate marketing analysis. Although we had the need to work with a PR agency, we were kind of worried about the quality of the agency’s performance and lack of entrepreneurship. However, after the 6 months, we discovered that we had wasted our time worrying. We have been very pleased with their services. Feature stories which contain good insights, urgent press releases, photo sessions, advertorials, press conferences, the list goes on. While managing all those activities, CK improved the quality of work through managing the schedule perfectly and preparing for littlest, tiniest things which upgraded the outcome. Most of all, their passionate attitude toward the project was the best. As we have wanted Wells Water Purifier to be popular in the country, we were thankful for the people at CK, who always had much passion for work, despite meetings after office hours or events held on weekends. As a result, CK has been the only PR agency in charge of publicizing all products of Kyowon L&C, starting from October 2007.

    Hyeong-Geun Bae, Account Executive PR Team

    Kyowon Group

  • The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has been served by Communications Korea (CK) since 1987 in Korea as a PR and marketing representative office. Through many years of working together with CK, GVB can confidently say that CK had played a very important role in making Guam a very familiar and popular destination for Korean travelers. We are very pleased with the service; consultations and resources that CK has provided us and I strongly believe that CK will provide the same excellent service for your company as they did to us. CK came up with many cost-effective marketing strategies such as TV exposure on Guam through Korea's most popular soap opera 'Missing You'. They are dependable and have many years of experience in strategic destination marketing. If you are looking for a PR firm in Korea, we highly recommend Communications Korea as your best choice to help you attain your business objectives in Korea.

    Pilar Laguana, Director of Marketing

    Guam Visitors Bureau

  • Crisis Management is a professional service that most PR agencies cannot provide. In spite of the high degree of difficulty, the need for crisis management is growing day by day. Crisis Management Center at the National Security Council (NSC) consulted with Communications Korea to develop a crisis management manual. We were able to carry our business successfully owing to CK’ s sincere work attitude and specialized service in crisis management. Internally, the establishment of National Standard Crisis Management Manual won positive appraisal and it also advanced the nation’ s level of crisis management.

    Churl-Hyun Ahn, Ph.D. Director

    National Security Council for Blue House

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