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Crisis Management : CommStem®목록으로 되돌아가기

Why Is A Crisis Management System Required?

In modern society, companies and organizations are exposed to various risk factors. In case of organizations which do not have a strategic crisis management system ready to respond to crises, only a one-time crisis situation can turn into a fatal attack against the organization and cause the company to fail.

On the other hand, firms that have completely analyzed possible crisis factors and have trained responsive strategies overcome crises wisely and even transform the time of crisis into an opportunity for evolution.

Crisis Management System Establishing Service - CommStem®

CommStem® is Communication Korea’s brand of service for establishing crisis management system.

CommStem® defines risk management manual, utilizing scientific crisis audit system which is based on CK’s wide experience in risk management, and provides simulation to upgrade the quality of risk management system.

CommStem® is generally carried out in three steps:

Step 1: Predict all possible main crisis substances through Crisis Factor Audit

Step 2: Develop a crisis management manual based on diagnosis results; build a crisis management system 

reflecting each crisis factor, organize actual action plans by dividing roles and responsibilities

Step 3: Comprehend and complete the crisis management manual after undergoing crisis management simulation to experience actual crisis management process

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