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What is CommBination®?

CommBination® refers to a strategic communication consulting pack for our client’s successful merger and acquisition (M&A). This service pack is available for M&A-related companies such as acquiring companies, seller, competitors, IBs, governmental bodies, etc. CommBination® provides communication consulting customized for clients regarding overall M&A process including optimized messages, definition of the stakeholders and communication strategies.

What is M&A Communication for?

People see M&A as war without the shooting. Even if one has a great number of soldiers and sufficient arms, he cannot win every time. To win a victory, you need to establish strategies and tactics with experts and specialists in a variety of fields including localexperts, military experts, strategists and tacticians. As such, M&A in a market requires experts and professionals of diverse fields.

Communication during M&A process tend to be slightly neglected compared to legal and financial factors. However, current trends of M&A show that M&As are not solely determined by the price factor. Rather than price alone, many communication factors such as synergy effects, corporate culture and national sentiment also contribute to the success of an M&A process. During the M&A process, it is critical to have an effective communication strategy to persuade the market and different groups to get the results you want.

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