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Why Is Media Training Necessary?

Media Training is a special skills training course for key figures, enabling the trainees to be accurate and reliable in communicating with media for key message delivery.

This course prevents companies from making predictable mistakes during communication with media and it also helps the trainees prepare for any unexpected crisis situation.

At the occurrence of a crisis, the success or failure of crisis management is dependent on the initial response of a spokesperson.When a poorly-trained spokesperson responds to a media interview in a crisis situation, the situation could get worse as the person lacks appropriate messaging strategies.Thus, media training is an essential program for crisis management.

MediaTrainingService - CoMPlete®

CoMPlete® is Communication Korea’s media training service brand. CoMPlete® is targeted to PR managers as well as CEOs and executives who communicate with media on behalf of their companies.

The service pack promotes actual understanding of the characteristics and systems of Korean media. In addition, it cultivates the ability of trainees to communicate with media in a crisis situation through strategic coaching.

Particularly, Communications Korea’s CoMPlete® is a highly competitive media training service that reflects the Korean media situation most accurately, being highly reputed among foreign CEOs and management for creatively reflecting Korean media environment onto the service packs of world - class crisis management service providers.

CoMPlete® comprises of three sections and the process can be customized and redesigned for the trainee based on communication level and work schedule. The course includes various training sessions for understanding media, key messages delivery, media interview and crisis management simulation.

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